September 8, 2011

posted Sep 8, 2011, 1:47 PM by Site Admin
Well--we've kicked off a wonderful Scout program. Troop and Pack food pantry. With the need for food at our pantry, the Scouts have seen the need and have a solution, to be of help. I'm glad to appoint Len Dubois as the Chairman of this worthwhile event.With all of the families in Blackford who are unemployeed and underemployed, the need is great. The Muncie Star reported that 29% of the children in Blackford are hungery. I find that unexceptable, when we have such recources. I'm asking that you drop off canned  or  boxeed goods at the Scout meetings on Tuesday evening. I will also have a box for food stuffs at my office. (209 w. washington) We will also take money ( how about your spare change) We   MUST  get this problem under control. Of all the wonderful things I've been envolved with in Scouting, this may very well be the most important.  Pat Jr. and Sheila are in agreement with me, and will help get this into high gear.  GREAT NEWS-- the 2 ORR boys and the 2 HOLST boys, are SUPER SCOUTS, they have been helping the local food pantry, a couple days a week, without any fanfair..we need to pat them on the back, and tell them how proud we are of them. Now that is SCOUTING in action. Shelia signed up some more Cub Scouts, Tuesday evening--lets give her a big hand. We do need some more Cub Scouts, ask your friends and neighbors, if they know of a boy who would like to have fun and learn at the same time. We have room for many more. Please put the SCOUTfood pantry at the top of your list. We can make a difference.. Yours in Scouting,  PAT SR. Chairman and Commissioner